Proper diet for diabetics

Since this disease is due to a deficiency of certain nutrients in the body, there are guidelines for eating foods that are fully followed can greatly control the disease and even make it less of a threat to your life.

The key thing is to know someone early if you have diabetes and then take immediate action to control it for food. Depending on the stage reached by your illness, diabetes can be controlled either by diet alone or by diet with medication.

A person with diabetes who is not very young, can control it with a diet without any medication and can live without problems. But adult diabetes requires a diet as well as medication and in order for the victim to avoid the serious effects of the disease, he must make sure he adheres to the dietary requirements.

This means that if your diabetes is not mature and poses a threat to your health, it can turn into diabetes if you do not adhere to a proper diet, so a patient with diabetes can lose a life faster if they do not adhere to dietary requirements, and the medicine he is taking, cannot help him.

A person with diabetes should limit their intake of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, cassava, White Bread, etc. reduce your intake of fatty foods and eat low protein foods.

Instead, the patient should use a high-fiber diet rich in fiber such as fruits, unrefined grains (peanut butter, millet, black bread, etc.) and completely refrain from eating refined foods. (refined foods) and removal of its nutrients (white bread, white porridge, etc.).

In addition, salads (a mixture of raw vegetables) can be eaten at any rate, but be careful with salads with high fat content. Since most fruits contain a certain amount of sugar, the patient should eat fruit after being advised by a doctor who will know how much sugar he has. Fruit juices should also be avoided when used, prepared with their own pods, such as apple and peas.

When fruits are eaten, this is for all people, they should not be eaten with food at the same time. Fruits are eaten 2 hours before or after a meal to get the most fruit benefits. Many people make the mistake of eating fruits, such as mangoes, papaya during lunch or dinner. This type of diet is unhealthy and may not give your body the benefits of fruit.

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