Side effects of Watching TV You Should Know

Television has become an important tool for information and entertainment; however television can have a number of disadvantages to it if not properly managed. Then you almost understand the effects of watching TV (TV)

  1. You waste time

When you sit and watch TV it is clear that you spend a lot of time and precious time. This is due to the fact that many people watch television for a long time or even throughout the day

2.You did not take away relationships with people

When you spend too much time on television it is clear that you will isolate many people. You will not have time to share this or that with other people or to help those who need your help.

Staying with other people in the community teaches you a lot of things as well as improving your social relationships. This is different from sitting in front of the television all day watching a movie or music

3. You lose money

The best television channels are available at great cost; Considering that television also requires electricity to run, this will also continue to cost you money.

If you enjoy watching television too much, you will spend a lot of money to meet your needs. However, you could spend these money on investing, saving or doing something more productive for you.

Not all or all of the information on the television is true. So watching too much TV can lead to false information.

Most people you see on television live in front of the camera; ie life that is not real; so too copying this life can also cost you

4 It affects health

Humans do not have to stay very long; so for those who sit on television for too long or even all day long, they do not justify their health.

It is important to do exercise or exercise regularly to protect your health rather than just sitting in front of a television.

It should also be noted that various studies show that television is a major source of obesity for many people in the world.

Most people are sleep deprived because they are watching television. Sleep deprivation is a very important issue for your physical and mental health. Good sleep will also increase efficiency in what you do.

It is important to focus on sleeping for 6 to 8 hours to keep your health in good shape.

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