Advantage of Sweet Potatoes Agriculture

Sweet potatoes are one of the main root crops in Tanzania which are grown for food. This crop is one of the crops
of starvation due to its reputation for drought tolerance. Via sweet potato, its origin is in Central and South America. In Tanzania, this crop is grown mostly in the regions of Mwanza, Shinyanga, Dodoma, Morogoro, Kagera, Arusha and Ruvuma.
Sweet potatoes are used as food by preparing them in various ways such as soups, by Matobolwa. The sweet potato dough is also used to make foods like cakes, peas, lemons and spaghetti. Potato leaves are eaten as a vegetable and are also used in preparing compost.
Kinds of sweet potatoes
There are many varieties of sweet potatoes cultivated in the world. Here in Tanzania the most widely cultivated varieties are Ukerewe, Stand, Kakamega, Carrot C, Mwananjemu, Ali slave eggs, Harvest, Pananzala, Bachuli, Sinia, Endurance and Polista.

contains carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, calcium, potassium, iron, proteins, and calories.
This crop grows in many places in Tanzania. Potatoes thrive in low-lying, low-flowing plains. Compact and compact pods are unsuitable as they prevent the roots from penetrating and expanding.
How to prepare the land:
The new field should be well prepared for slashing the bushes and removing the stems. The leaves should be covered during the formation of ridges to increase soil fertility.
Potato growth is affected if the oxygen level in the soil is insufficient, drainage and cultivation of large ridges are important, wash the ground early by removing weeds, plowing regularly to soften the soil

sowing is by using real potato seeds, do not plant in well-watered parts because the seeds may rot, store in a cool dark place until the seeds germinate, as the larger potatoes, the higher the yield, the higher the planting rows. Top-seeded nursery provides higher yields, plant whole seeds or cut into two slices before sowing, leave seeds for one week for staples, plant seed pieces 10-12 inches between one seed and the other into a hole in height of 1 to 3 inches, a single- or two-way planting system can be used, if a linear system
one will be used leaving 24 to 36 inches between row and row and if the two lines system is used leave 70 inches before the other.
Taking care of the farm
It is important to plant sweet potatoes in the first two months to give the plant the ability to crawl properly. After that time, the potatoes can cover the ground and thus prevent weed germination.

weed as soon as the weeds appear and at the same time remove some of the seedlings sprouting nearby to make space, cover the cracks in the soil to prevent pests. After the potato plants germinate, you can spread the leaves to retain moisture and prevent weeds from blossoming and cooling

Pests and diseases.
Potatoes are attacked by a variety of pests, including butterflies, dried wings, fleas, and worms. neck rot (Bacteria soft Rot), tapeworm (Root notes Nematodes), brown rot (Brown Rot).
Diseases and pests can be controlled by keeping the field clean, changing crops, and keeping in control of the gate.
Potato yields vary depending on the type, weather, and soil. Potato yields are estimated at 20 tonnes per hectare.

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