Spinach is one of the most widely grown vegetable crops in Tanzania and its origin is china and coconut, which we call chinese and subsequently spread to various countries, including Tanzania.

This vegetable is seasonal, so the farmer can plant it any time he wants, and this will depend on the availability of water for the water. Since this vegetable needs a lot of water in the early stages.

The climate conducive to this cultivation is.
Auto; Chinese or flourishing and growing well in areas with temperatures of 18 ° c to 27 ° c.

It’s humid; chinese is an irrigation-dependent crop as I mentioned earlier so it needs a lot of water during the growing season.

Soil; chinese cabbage grows well in sandy soil and moist enough for PH; 5.5 to 7.6

How to prepare a farm.
The soil should be loosened before planting. You can use a hand hoe or scrub and chisel and prepare the field 6 weeks before planting.

Nursery preparation.
The nursery should be 1 m wide, 100 centimeters wide, and 5 meters high by 500 centimeters wide. then plant the seed in the nursery 15 to 20 cm in a row and plant 2 cm seed between seeds and seeds and drop to 1 to 2 cm.

For direct planting dig 2 to 3 cm of soil using a hand hoe and plow 30 rows to 1 row and 30 seed to seed and 1 to 2 cm to seed.
And for transplanting the seedlings at 5 cm in height and select healthy seedlings to be free of disease.

If you use cow manure, chicken and pigs use a bucket for every 5 meter nursery
Also apply a 50-gram UREA fertilizer for every 5-meter nursery when the plant reaches five leaves.

Use a hand hoe to weed where it appears.

Diseases and pests
When you feel the leaves of these vegetables begin to change, as a sign of pest infestation, caution is advised to use pesticides such as ninja, supercorn, wilcron and perfecron and also make sure you always remember to remove weeds and pests and keep field clean time.

But if you are going to have Root rot you have to do to get rid of the crop that was affected by the disease.

Chinese maturity after 2 to 4 months depends on the type of seed you plant, or sometimes it depends on the weather as well.

During harvesting you cut it by hand or you can use a knife cut from the bottom of the trunk to allow other vegetable leaves to mature.

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