In order to have a good crop that will enable you to get a guaranteed market, without hindrance, it is advisable to produce at a special green house. In producing strawberry after building a green house prepare plastic pipes that will easily penetrate the holes in the pipe to a distance of 1 inch.

  1. It is preferable that the holes are a zigzag, to allow the plants you will grow to grow well without any shade.
  2. Wrap nylon paper on the floor to allow the water you use to water back into the pool or storage area.
  3. I fasten the pipes using wire.
  4. Fill anywhere, with the largest pieces.
  5. Plant the seedlings on each socket carefully so that the roots are not cut by the pebbles that hold the plant. Watering Strawberry plants need very little water. This means that you need to have a good irrigation system before starting this crop.
  6. You should water four times a day, every four hours you should water for a quarter of an hour. This will allow all plants to get enough water. If the strawberry does not get enough water, its production will also be very poor, as when the Strawberry flower is grown in the greenhouse it produces a rich and high-yielding crop and even the mature fruit becomes shid.

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