Kuleirel is a poultry that is native to India, and is derived from a mixture of broiler male and Rhode island red or white legham male and Rhode island red. These chickens are one of the least expensive chickens to raise but they are also very profitable when you decide to raise them. But also
These chickens are one of the best-performing seeds in many countries.


  1. It is a type of poultry used for the consumption of ani meat and eggs
  2. One hen has the capacity to lay 150 eggs a year compared to other hens producing 40- 50 eggs a year.
  3. Male hens are 3.5 kg and females are 2.5 kg compared to other hens and 2.5 kg and females are 1.5 kg.
  4. It is also one of the rare forms of disease resistance.
  5. These chickens are very inexpensive to feed them because they are also able to eat food like traditional chicken.

As with other chickens the yard must be good to get good chicken and many eggs, but also the roiler-type chicken does not have to lock them in directly.

But it is also good every time you focus on cleanliness it is important so it is good to keep that in mind

Food must be good to get good chicken and enough eggs.

  1. One hen is advised to eat 5-8 kg before embarking.
  2. It is very important for the breeder to learn how to mix food himself.
  3. from 1 day to 4 weeks you should give them chick starter mash.
  4. From 4 to 8 weeks you give them chick grower mash.
  5. From the first week to the last post you should give them layersmash
  6. But it is also recommended to have 15 drinkers and food containers, approximately 1000 chickens.

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